Ameōn's CEO Alina Mehrle is a breast cancer survivor. Through Ameōn Cares, the company's not-for-profit-arm, Ameōn will donate and raise money for life-saving breast cancer research in partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (“BCRF”).

Ameōn is the first skincare company to extend its brand experience to digital humans which link the physical and digital worlds. We will harness the power of blockchain to create a new paradigm in philanthropy. For every $100 tax deductible donation to Ameōn Cares you receive an Ameōn Muse NFT as a gift. 100% of donations go to BCRF.

Each Ameōn Muse is a digital representation of the soul of an Ameōn Skincare product.

Ameōn Muse NFTs – Collect for a Cure!

To donate and add Ameōn Muse NFTs to your collection, click “Choose your Muse” below.

Ameōn will make a $10,000 minimum annual donation to BCRF, regardless of donations or sales. With your help we will raise so much more through our incredible Ameōn Muse NFT collection! Each beautiful Ameōn Muse represents one of Ameōn’s products and was inspired by people in the life of its founder Alina Mehrle.

As a breast cancer survivor Alina knows that cancer is a complex disease with no simple solution. Research is the key to stopping it in its tracks. Founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world. BCRF invests in the best minds in science - from those investigating prevention to metastasis - and fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration. BCRF’s approach accelerates the entire field and moves us closer to the answers we urgently need. We can’t stop now. Join BCRF in fueling the world’s most promising research. With your support, we will end breast cancer.
My story

At the age of thirty, a breast cancer diagnosis changed my life. Breast cancer, chemo, a double mastectomy, fear and doubt break you down but they also give you an opportunity to build yourself back up. I still ask "why me?" sometimes, but rather than let self-pity define my life I chose happiness by creating something magical to share with the world.

8 sessions of chemo (and living in NYC) left my skin fragile and dehydrated. It was such a challenge to bring my skin back to life that I realized I had to launch a skincare brand. With Ameōn launched and my breast cancer in remission, I owe this second chance at life to my family’s love and the achievements of modern medicine. It's my mission to help women like me.

We formed Ameōn Cares to raise funds to help end breast cancer in partnership with BCRF. We will expand our program to lift the spirits of cancer patients by developing a beautiful skincare line designed and formulated with their needs and wellbeing in mind. With your support we will research, develop and manufacture a skincare line that Ameōn Cares will donate to patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Ameōn Muse NFTs – Collect for a Cure!

Through breast cancer awareness month this October, 100% of the donation you make to Ameōn Cares will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation ("BCRF"). If you link to this website from the BCRF website, 100% of the donation you make to Ameōn Cares will go to BCRF. When you give to BCRF, you're funding critical hours in the lab. More time for research means more progress towards ending breast cancer—and longer, healthier lives for the ones we love.
At this time, Ameōn Muse NFTs are only available as gifts if donations are to made Ameōn Cares through the form on this website. If you made a donation to BCRF on the BCRF website intending to receive Ameōn Muse NFT as a gift, please forward your BCRF donation receipt to Please state in the email that you (1) made the donation to BCRF intending to receive an Ameōn Muse NFT and (2) give Ameōn Cares permission to confirm your donation with BCRF. If Ameōn Cares is able to confirm you donation with BCRF, we will contact you with instructions for receiving your Ameōn Muse NFT (one for every $100 donated). If we are unable to confirm you donation to BCRF, you will not receive an Ameōn Muse NFT.
You will be contacted by Ameōn Cares at the email address you provide when you make a donation, the submission of which signifies your consent to being contacted by Ameōn Cares. The email from Ameōn Cares will provide instructions for receiving your Ameōn Muse NFT.
At this time Ameōn Muse NFTs are available only by donating on the Ameōn website. Ameōn Cares is working on technology partnerships, including with NFT marketplaces.
Ameōn Cares, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization with EIN: 88-1932120. Donations and gifts to Ameōn Cares are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your email donation receipt as your official record. We'll send it to you upon successful completion of your donation.
A donation receipt will be sent to you at the email address you provide on this form. Please be sure to keep a copy of your receipt for tax purposes. If you select a recurring donation, you will be sent an individual receipt each month when your donation is processed.